CURRENT PROJECT Juul Sadée, August 2014/2016

___art as interface_____social sculpture_________the Moluccan community____


- is a social sculpture
- is a long-term project with the over-all title ‘Archipelago’
- was started as pilot project for Via 2018 Maastricht Cultural Capital with Tout Maastricht and Musica Sacra as co-producers, January 2013
- is a co-operation with the Moetiara Maluku Foundation of the Moluccan Community in Maastricht, since 24 Mai 2013
- contained a coöperation with members of the Moluccan community of Arnhem and around in 2016
- will be continued with a new project in Indonesia in relation to other countries

Archipelago / Kepulauan 
- contains several components:
‘Kejutan’ , sculpture and a polyphonic sound performance, 4x performed during festival Musica Sacra, at the Emperor’s hall of the St Servaes Basilica, Maastricht, 21 and 22 September 2013
‘Ub-O’, 3 screen video projection as frame story and a multi-media installation, presentation Bonnefantenmuseum, festival Musica Sacra, 17 - 20 September 2015
'Jiwa’ , sculpture, presentation planned festival Musica Sacra Theater a/h Vrijthof, 10 - 20 September 2015
‘Ikatan’ , ‘silent sound’ performance, 4x performed during festival Musica Sacra, Holy Mother Basilica Maastrich,t 19 and 20 September 2015
‘Kepulauan’ , multi media installation, work in progress
'SO’ , multi media installation, Sonsbeek 2016 transACTIONS, Museum Bronbeek Arnhem, 4 Juin till 18 September 2016

‘Kejutan’, ‘Ikatan’, Jiwa' and ‘Kepulauan’ are Malay words for respectively ‘Wonder’, ‘Connection’, Soul'  and ‘Archipelago’.
‘The Land’, ‘The Sea’, ‘The Soul’ and beauty and destruction as metaphor are starting-points as well as group-processes, individual and community.
Research in politics and ethics for grasping the positive and negative effects of a continuously changing society, furthermore emphasizing on the Moluccan drama with roots in centuries of colonization.
Either the over-sea connection and mutual responsibility for each other’s habitat and welfare is part of research and elaboration.
Since 2016, there is also an emphasis on the Moluccan Women

Art as interface
As a visual artist, I am interested in the way art and culture can capture a meaningful place in our society. I am convinced that art can have a linking, reflecting, informing and evoking function. Therefore this is only possible when the development arises from a focussed and personal empathy for people and environment.
My work evolved from direct and indirect contact with individuals and groups. Sometimes I work in co-operation whereby I function as an artist-director. Another time, the ‘work’ and or ideas/thoughts of other people become part in my work. To be an artist melts together with being a curator.
Art becomes a connection through linking commitment, the global and the personal,
Art will be an interface between people and cultures.

A social sculpture and the Moluccan community

Fear , violence, conflict and destruction across from love, solidarity and beauty.
Lasting question is; ‘what connects us and what divides us, which path are we choosing to walk’.

The sculptures, multi media installations and performances are the result of a group process. They show us a timeless story of a close-knit community.
A community that needed to leave her homeland and for all that, they maintained their own culture with love and at the same time they evolve in the new land. Collisions were unavoidable while naturalizing.
With great wisdom, the older generations passes on their knowledge, experience and religion to the younger generations.
Respectful behaviour and education in their own culture are intertwined with the culture of the new homeland. The best of both cultures are used for a social mode of live that we can call very special.
Transpositions and transitions are the key point of this social sculpture.

Has been part of some initiatives from the coöperation with the Moetiara Maluku Foundation

- workshop for  officials from several municipalities, 2013.
- coaching bookpresentation of Abe Sahetapy’s newest collection of poetry, Centre Ceramique, Maastricht, 2014.
- visit and participation in the workshop by Luc Boyer and Catoke Kramer during the Dutch Dance-days, Maastricht, 2013.
- Excursion towards Tropenmuseum and visit performance ‘Kain Pikul II’, City Theatre, Amsterdam, 2014.
- interview and performance for the Culture-participation Foundation, okt 2014.

The voyage
Autumn 2014, I travelled for the Moluccas with my assistant. We visited Moluccan families who are spread over the Moluccas as well as the Netherlands. We collected video- and audio- footage, materials and stories for the planned art-works.
For 2017, another trip to the Moluccan Archipelago is planned.

Committee of Recomendation
Lex ter Braak, director Van Eyck, Maastricht
Hedy d'Ancona, former minister of culture and founder of the 'Woman, Man, Society Movement'
Jacky Manuputy, Vicar at Ambon and founder of the 'Art for Peace' Movement