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The artistic concept of UN CONDITIONAL is the result of my long-term cooperation with the Moluccan community in the Netherlands since 2012 and my study trip to the Moluccas in 2014. My participation in the international exhibition 'Sonsbeek2016transActions' in Arnhem led to regular contact and cooperation with the curators- and artists group 'ruangrupa' from Jakarta. This resulted, among other things, in their request to me to develop an art project with people on Banda. Banda because of the loaded, shared Dutch / Moluccan / Indonesian history.
My trip to Java February 2018 has resulted in an additional meaningful layer to the artistic concept. At the same time, I received a second invitation to participate in the International Poet and Arts Conference in October 2019 on Banda, organization by WPI, Indonesian  Women Writers Organization. In February 2019 I visited the Banda Islands to prepare my attendance at the conference in October 2019.

The concept of UN CONDITIONAL developed as well with an artistic and historical content as well with a social / economic content. So UN CONDITIONAL became an interdisciplinary art project. As with the previous works of art, the focus will again be on women.

UN CONDITIONAL is made possible by a large group of donors, Stichting Voordekunst and the Province of Limburg  


Art as interface
As a visual artist, I am interested in the way art and culture can capture a meaningful place in our society. I am convinced that art can have a linking, reflecting, informing and evoking function. Therefore this is only possible when the development arises from a focussed and personal empathy for people and environment.
My work evolved from direct and indirect contact with individuals and groups. Sometimes I work in co-operation whereby I function as an artist-director. Another time, the ‘work’ and or ideas/thoughts of other people become part in my work. To be an artist melts together with being a curator and a director.
Art becomes a connection through linking commitment, the global and the personal,
Art will be an interface between people and cultures.

UN CONDITIONAL is part of the long-term project Archipelago  in which the shared Moluccan, Dutch and Indonesian history and the century long and today’s bond between the countries are analyzed.
The focus of the analysis is on women and the trade in textiles.

Other components are:     
‘Kejutan’ , sculpture and a polyphonic sound performance, 4x performed during festival Musica Sacra, at the Emperor’s hall of the St Servaes Basilica, Maastricht, 21 and 22 September 2013
‘Kepulauan’, 4 screen video projection as frame story and a multi-media installation, presentation planned 2015
Jiwa’ sculpture, presentation planned 2015
‘Ikatan’ , a ‘silent sound’ performance presentation festival Musica Sacra 2015
‘Kepulauan’, tapestry with application and embroidery, 2015 still under construction
‘SO’, multi-media installation with soundscape, SonsbeekTRANSactions 2016
‘UN CONDITIONAL’, contains a multi media installation, art happenings ‘Cerita Cerita’ and the social sculpture for a microcredit for women at Banda, Maluccas        2019

Several organisations are connected and co-operate:
Moetiara Maluku Foundation of the Moluccan Community in Maastricht, since December 2012
Ruangrupa, curator and artist group from Jakarta Indonesia, since 2016
TitanE Foundation, Moluccan community in Houten, since November 2018
WPI, Indonesia Women Writers Organisation since 2018

Committee of recommendation:
Mrs. Hedy d’Ancona, former minister of Welfare, Health and Culture, founder of the‘Woman, Man, Society Movement’, The      Netherlands
Mr. Lex ter Braak, former director of Mondriaan Fund and Van Eyck Maastricht, TheNetherlands
Mr. Jacky Manuputty, Vicar and founder of the ‘Art for Peace’ movement, Ambon /Jakarta Indonesia