installations situations Social sculptures


a multi-media installation in which 5 actors, enclosed in their own TV, speak out a monologue in 20 minutes
the monologues, which will be heard repeatedly, interfere in an ambient all-round sound
voices, sound and moving images come from different spots in the space and are in close relation with the objects, placed all over the floor
a number of design-chairs are placed crisscross through the installation
by walking between and stepping over the floor-covering grid of things and taking a seat, the audience will become part of the situation

the installation deals with human ambuigity, about carefulness, power, seduction, melancholy and obsession
we hear fragments read from a diary, a continuously spoken crochet pattern, a dream, and three sentences circulating about loneliness, fantasy and reality
from time to time, we see a man hiding himself behind a bird mask, pinned on his stick
there is no interaction between the actors, the monologues aren’t literally audible
the way of acting and the words which are be heard, the ambient sound, the light and the objects are a whole of linking things

19x15 m. 4,5 m. high
amorphous forms in latex and fabrics, tree, branches, sticks, wooden ‘towers’, sewing-machine, futon, curtains, crochet work, wardrobe in parts, tub, hair, cap, board bird-mask, hammer, planks, wooden blocks, foam blocks, pink marble block, board blocks, blue floor cloth, light-green wallpaper on the windows with the coloured side glued on the glass, 3 tl lights underlie orange perspex plates, 13 Charles Eames chairs, 10 Charles Eames Chairs in parts, 5 tv’s 6 dvd’s, 1 amplyfier