Social sculptures

Parallel exhibition

‘Man and Living’

Small ‘side’ exhibition parallel to and part of the situation;  ‘The Gardener’s Last Song’.
A collection (patterns) of things (passions) from participants (particles)

Works, based on topics like living, space and time are the result of research and the creation of a vision of the world, historical, actual and in the future.

Willem van Genk outsider artist, Castor Bours student design, Iesje Jeuken amateur artisr, Joos Hamer adviser living and building, Olaf Kramer Trazar 3-d visualizations, Joost Bolten philosopher, Ans van Berkum arthistorian, Lucas Kramer visual artist, Antonia Frank videoartist (se), student’ work from the workshop

Curator Juul Sadée



‘Hermits, Wanderer’s and Other Outsiders’ (28 nov.),

Lecture by Ans van Berkum, specialist in ‘outsider art’, director Casa Casla, institute for architecture Almere, art historian and publicist


workshop Playful science

‘PLAYFULL SCIENCE’  25 November 2-6 pm, public talk 7.30 pm, YOUR SPACE, Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven.

Workshop by  philosopher Joost Bolten and visual artist Juul Sadée.
Students media and culture, philosophy and arts were challenged to research the convergence between arts and science.

Juul Sadée’s multi media installation ‘The Gardener’s Last Song’ is build up in a topological and an ontological way. Merleau-Ponty (phenomenology), Gilles Deleuze (rhizomatic thinking) and Friedrich Nietzsche (metaphysics) was starting point for this workshop.

Base was the article ‘Artistic research by Henk Borgdorff in ‘Krisis’, Magazine for actual philosophy.