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‘‘Scale 1:200, a triptych’

Juul Sadée meets Robert Garcet and Ralph Noort
In 1976, Juul Sadée saw Robert Garcet and his flint-built ‘Tower of Eben Ezer’ for the first time. It inspired her into making a multimedia installation in which she incorporated a scale model of the tower. With the help of Robert Garcet’s son, Marc, 4 crucial paintings were chosen from his oeuvre and integrated into Juul Sadée’s installation. The third project in this triptych is ‘Trying to meet’, a collaboration with outsider artist Ralph Noort, with the tower as a symbol for friendship and encounter. A social sculpture!
A floor space of 96 m² (scale 1:2 height and width of the tower) is covered with 52 m² of sand and flint, and refers to the site surrounding the tower and its quarries.

In between, You can wander between the model of the tower, the personal desk of Garcet, paintings, video’s, objects, written texts etc.. The desk has no top, but a build-in video screen shows the four Cherub sculptures at dawn. Just awakened birds are heard.
There is no hierarchy between the elements as well as there is no hierarchy between the artists. Copyright is not importance. It is Sadée who works like a director in theatre, composing and creating a new situation with elements which already exists, completed with some new made video’s for this special occasion.

The combination of Sadée’s videos, objects, and the desk of Robert Garcet reveals an interwoven structure of their range of ideas: ‘rencontrer, penser, créer’ – ‘encounter, think, create’.
‘Key’ in this is her book 1:200, the scale of her working drawing. Fragments of Garcet’s books ‘Pierres Pensés’ and ‘l’Histoire de silex de la craie’ are intertwined with texts and drawings of Sadée.
Common themes of Garcet and Sadée, ‘the Apocalypse, science, and pacifism’, surface in handwritten texts and titles in unexpected places and on floorboards.

The videos show people in motion and their relationship with the environment, with each other, with the spectator.
This triptych is my artistic view on the work and thoughts of Robert Garcet, related to my opinion about the actual society, cultural heritage, science, art, outsider art and handy crafts.
‘Scale 1:200’, a triptych invites the visitor to wonder his own commitment to the world around him.
© Juul Sadée, 2012