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‘KEJUTAN, so to speak, in a manner of play’.
polyphonic performance

‘KEJUTAN, a landscape.’

A social sculpture.

It is my belief that the powerful presence of personal worlds, sublimated into artistic universes, as a counterbalance to an internationalized, globalized, mediated and by the market dominated society is necessary.
I create ‘topoï’ (sites) where situations and processes are concatenated together, with always the underlying question: what makes us who we are? Or perhaps: who makes us who we are?

The mirror The stone The hand The table The chair The foot The bird The plant
The tree The eye The floor The portret The ear The mouth The sea
The landscape The space The moment The story The play

‘In-contact’ with the other, I am being held up a mirror. I see who I am, I see who I wanted to be, who I am not.
‘In-keer’ (repentance) asks for contact with yourself and the other.

Beyond fear.
With ‘Inkeer’ as starting-point, I have developed a process of research and reflection with 25 members of the Moluccan community of Maastricht. We have worked together, making a large sculpture and a polyphonic performance.
Playfully, we developed the use and language of the body and the voice. Very special were the individual interviews, I have had in great confidence with everybody. The conversations had influenced the content and concept of ‘Kejutan’.

‘to speak and not to speak’ is the artistic guidance.

Silence, Talking, Mutism, Glossolalia, Sign language, Polyphony
While working together, I discovered a great spirituality, based in religion and culture. We found out that ‘Inkeer’ is a different process for everyone. The follow up of various events can lead to ‘Inkeer’. Either a situation can arise which changes life suddenly and asks for introspection, adjustment for attitude and vision.

We worked, spoke and thought together and created ‘KEJUTAN’ bij wijze van spreken, bij wijze van spel’.
‘KEJUTAN’, Malaysian for ‘wonderment’ expresses the positive attitude which is necessary for reaching sublimation.

‘Wonderment’ is an experience that goes deeper than astonishment. It makes us to accept fear, anger and pain, however we do not let dominate those feelings. A lifelong, we carry ‘Wonderment’ with us.

‘Fear and wonderment’ and ‘to whist and to speak’ offers a range of performative opportunities. Therefore, I ‘model’ as it were a polyphonic sound-scape of voices and people. Tension and relaxation, will there be a turning moment coming, does a mirror be held up?

Under the celestial dome of the Emperor hall of the Saint Servatius Basilica, impressive resonant and playful sounds will be heard, likewise recognizable melodies and by the group written lyrics. Schubert, Henrich Heine and a four-gospel in the Dutch and Malay language..

It is said that Saint Servatius could make himself understood everywhere.
With ‘KEJUTAN’ we aim for intelligibility, recognition, ‘In-contact’, ‘In-keer’.
conceptual – social – narrative – performative – documentary – sculpture

August Strindberg ‘Inferno’
‘Naar Damascus’
Franz Kafka ‘De gedaante verwisseling’
Lex ter Braak Jan van Eijck, ‘De levende spiegel, kunst in de wereld’
Elizabeth den Hartog ‘Romaanse beeldhouwkunst in Maastricht’
Prof. De. J.J. Timmers ‘De kunst van het Maasland’
Jan van Ruusbroec ‘Van den blinckenden steen’
Sôren Kierkegaard ‘Het begrip angst’
‘De ziekte tot de dood’
Oliver Sachs ‘Stemmen zien’
Elias Canetti ‘Crowds and power’, hoofdstukken: ‘The fear of being touched’, ‘Transformations’, ‘Movements of the hand’
Alexander van Grevenstein ‘Bij wijze van afscheid’
Julia Kristeva ‘De vreugde van Giotto’
Arthur Rimbaud ‘Ik is een ander’
Abé Sahetapy ‘Gambaran’
Wim Manuhutu, Victor Joseph ‘Molukkers in beeld’

F. Schubert/text J.W. von Goethe ’Der Leiermann’
K. Weill/text H. Heine ‘Verfehltes Leben, Verfehlte Liebe’
From the Moluccan ‘Api Indjil’


Performance: ‘Kejutan, bij wijze van spreken, bij wijze van spel’, polyphonic soundscape,
Keizerzaal St. Servaas Basiliek
Saturday 21 september, 13.00-13.45 en 19.30-20.15
Sunday 22 september, 15.30-16.15
Expo: ‘Kejutan, een landschap’, sculpture, 4 t/m 22 september, Theater aan het Vrijthof

Concept and executing: Juul Sadée, visual and multi media artist
Producers: Musica Sacra, Tout Maastricht, Via 2018
Financial support: Huis voor de Kunsten Limburg
With the help and with many thanks to : Buurt Platform en Bewoners overleg Commissie Molukse Wijk, Stichting Moetiara Maloekoe, Kumulus Centrum voor Kunsteducatie, Jan van Eyck Academie Maastricht
Assistence: Cecile Schouten, voice and siniging coach, Catoke Kramer, coach physical and theatrical training, Intro in Situ, music and sound workshop Maastricht, Winfried Kramer
Special thanks to Max Hehalatu, Elizabeth den Hartog, Lex ter Braak

Performers: Chris, Tara, Frans, Sonja, Lenu, Nonna, Ann, Sara-i, Bettie, Margriet, Nora, Naomi, Elvira, Sam, Max, Felisa, Abe, Steffanie, Ellie, Sandra Saya, Nairi, Jedidja, Eslina, Nathalie, Djehoshua, Emmy

Juul Sadée, ©juli 2013