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Jiwa, (soul),

sculpture,a search for the soul, the mystery of every human being

In ‘Jiwa’ lie hidden many stories.
By weekly doing handycrafts together symultaniously developped this sculpture as well a group process and confidential atmosphere in which many extraordinary stories emerge; personal stories, old traditional Moluccan stories and ussages, stories about the journey to and the living in Holland, stories about the struggle for a free Republic of the South Moluccas, the hijackings and hostage-taking.
In an intuitive way, with the use of authentic materials, the stories were translated by the group towards the sculpture ‘Jiwa’.

This mysterious sculpture is hanging in a dark space, special constructed for it.
It is made of Ikat fabric, jute, gray cotton, palm leaves, strands of hair, glass lenses, coins, yarn, buttons.
The core of this sculpture are the stories about the sea, the sea that connects and simultaneously creates separation and danger.

Between the Moluccas Haruku and Saparua one may only cross the sea, when it is quiet, otherwise one calls calamity upon themselves.
Untill today, to turn this off, coins are thrown into the sea to vote her quiet. These coins and strands of hair have been incorporated into the sculpture. The hair refers to the superstition that by trimming your hair you lose your soul or power. One reason why among others Moluccan wear or have worn long hair .

Production and concept Juul Sadée
Developed and produced with: Sonja Abraham-Tatipatta, Stefanie Hehalatu,
Betty Hover-Schutte, Margriet Nikijuluw, Elly Pattiwael-Theunisz, Nora Pelletimu-Hahury, Naomi Waelauruw-Matulessy, Elvira Sahetapy-Tatipatta, Sandra Saya-Tatipatta, Leny Tatipatta-Sinaï, Jedidja Pelletimu, Eslina Selanno, Nathalie Ventriglia, Emmy Lokollo
Dank aan: Winfried Kramer, Anis Simaela , Theater a/h Vrijthof

‘Jiwa’ is a satellite project during Musica Sacra Festival Theatre a/h Vrijthof called ‘The Road’ shown at Theatre a/h Vrijthof.
Symultaneous, the video installation ‘Ub-O’ was shown at Bonnefanten Museum Maastricht and the performance ‘Ikatan’ at Our Lady Basilica, Maastricht.

‘Jiwa is part of the ‘Archipelago’ program.
‘Archipelago’ is a 'social sculpture' and contains sculptures, multi-media installations and performances. There is a close co-operation with Catoke Kramer, Lucas Kramer and Foundation Moetiara Maloekoe. Archipelago shows questions about inter-human relations and uses the Moluccan history and their story as tool to display the universal story about clashing cultures and intolerance in addition to the reconciliation efforts.

‘What unites and what divides us and what path are we willing to walk herein’ is the question from where Juul Sadée, Catoke Kramer and Lucas Kramer start.