Ennobles labor?
Is labor a method to.....?
What is a sculpture?
What is a social sculpture?
Can a sculpture be a situation?
Can a situation be a sculpture?

With the eye of the sculptor I originally am, I look around, I read, speak, draw, think, analyze, create and communicate. My work is moving in the field of interdisciplinary arts.

- to visualise experience in its multi-faceted totality
- a process whose outcomes do not follow a deterministic pattern

- random created juxtapositions, situations, and synchronizations
- redefining things and contexts, combining ‘fluid’ and ‘constructed’ situations

- ontology and topology rolled into one

- exploring the exteriorisation of the inward and the internalization of the outward

- ‘Man And Thing’, doing, communicating and creating as a method for defining concepts

- the multi-media installations, situations and performances are becoming much more
they can’t exist without the sculptures, drawings, paintings, video’s and acts

- hot topics and situations in the world, or special encounters close, are part of the work
questioning issues of identity, autonomy, solidarity and community

- color, light, space, shape, sound, material, surface, and destruction

- tables, frames and environments

Research in social structures, the visual-, sensory- and auditory- perception and people with brain disability on the one hand.
On the other hand, very related to the human species, explorations in different cultures, handy crafts and design, ‘high’ and ‘low’ art and art- and cultural- history.

For more detailed texts, I like to recommend the texts on the ‘Acts, texts, books page’.